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Confused about Calcium?

December 19, 2012

I receive many questions about dairy products and calcium.  This is a complicated topic as nutrients (calcium) do not work in isolation inside our bodies and not all calcium is created equal.   A simple calcium supplement is not comparable to  how our body digests and absorbs calcium from food.  During digestion, calcium works in conjunction with other nutrients and minerals (especially vitamins D and K).  In addition, calcium absorption is tricky as it can be difficult for our body to absorb depending on the food/circumstance (for example, most dairy products).

Interested in learning more?  Here’s a great article about calcium and food sources.  If you want to go deeper on calcium, here is a blog post from a Naturopath that discusses calcium, proper doses, and vitamin D and how they work together.

One more tidbit on calcium, the US consumes more dairy than any other country by a longshot, yet we have the highest propensity of osteoporosis?!?  I’d be remiss in not mentioning in the calcium conversation that dairy is not the best way to meet our  recommended daily calcium requirements.  Check out dark leafy greens and beans…two wonderful ways to receive and absorb what our bodies require for healthy development along with the other nutrients that help calcium end up where it belongs in our bodies.

As always…please let me know if you have any questions.




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